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Nyss hemkommen från ett bröllop och toppenhelg nere i Göteborg tillsammans med släkten. Stort grattis till Johan & Sandra, där förstnämnda är min kusin. Det var första bröllopet på länge som jag själ enbart var gäst på och inte fotograf, vilket var väldigt skönt för omväxlingens skull. Svårt att suga in hela atmosfären när man hela tiden har bakgrunder, ljus, timing m.m i huvudet.


Just nu laddar jag batterierna och inväntar lite paket i Hummelbo, sedan är det dax att bege sig mot Stockholm igen. Senast hade jag fullt upp med massa småsaker, vilket resulterade i att jag inte han med att packa upp mina prylar. Har ni vägarna förbi Hammarbyhöjden är ni varmt välkomna in på saft & kakor!



My 2013, May
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The first months in 2013 included a lot of new and exiting experiences, I wouldn’t say May did. It was a great month if you like to chill and relax, because thats mostly what I did. I spent a lot of time in Hummelbo, hanging with friends & did a few smaller photo assignments.

May_Erik_Dilexit-6 May_Erik_Dilexit May_Erik_Dilexit-2 May_Erik_Dilexit-3 May_Erik_Dilexit-10 May_Erik_Dilexit-7 May_Erik_Dilexit-8 May_Erik_Dilexit-9 May_Erik_Dilexit-11 May_Erik_Dilexit-5 May_Erik_Dilexit-14 May_Erik_Dilexit-12 May_Erik_Dilexit-16 May_Erik_Dilexit-15 May_Erik_Dilexit-4

Christmas tomorrow! 

My May 1st stroll
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Since a few years back I’ve started a little tradition for myself if I’m close to Garpenberg (the place I grew up). From the beginning I started at my grandmas place and then went around the mining industry, over a pond and then to yesterdays big bonfire. But since the mine has been growing a lot the last year it’s not even possible to go that way. Therefore I had to find a new way today and my new starting spot ended up being Rylshyttebacken, the place where I started my skiing & snowboard career. Really small little ski slope. I hadn’t been there for like 7-9 years, and I’ve got to say they sure had fixed some things. But the lift and slope looked the same after all these years.

Walk_Erik_Dilexit Walk_Erik_Dilexit-2

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Have had a couple of  really nice days home in Hummelbo, one of my absolute favorite places, probably #1. Haven’t done so much, just trying to ease off everything. Been jumping around between friends and family all the time since I got back from Italy.

Yesterday I had one of those wonderful walks you can just get a day in the spring. All alone with the camera and some awesome music in your head, perfect way to clear your mind and to try new compositions and angles since the photos are only for yourself. This time I only brought my Nikkor 70-200, just in case I would run into any animal, and because I simply love it.

Spring_Hummelbo_Erik_Dilexit Spring_Hummelbo_Erik_Dilexit-2 Spring_Hummelbo_Erik_Dilexit-5 Spring_Hummelbo_Erik_Dilexit-10 Spring_Hummelbo_Erik_Dilexit-4 Spring_Hummelbo_Erik_Dilexit-3 Spring_Hummelbo_Erik_Dilexit-7 Spring_Hummelbo_Erik_Dilexit-12 Spring_Hummelbo_Erik_Dilexit-13

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When I was eating my breakfast this morning I noticed a strange thing at the bird table.. ..Squirll_Erik_Dilexit-2 Squirll_Erik_Dilexitmust be some kind of alien bird..


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Finally I found my way back home to Sweden. But I’ve got to say I’ve had a couple of awesome months down in Italy, where I met a lot of cool people and made myself some really nice new friends.

The trip home went really good, and we where home after just 27 hours of driving, with just with a few gas stops & one at Burger King just north of Hamburg. It’s amazing to be back in Sweden and the last few days has been wonderful, meeting friends and family, but best of all was to meet my little nephew Emma.


Anyhow, time to sleep! I’ve got a lot of things to do tomorrow that I didn’t finish today.

Ciao /Erik

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Today we skipped the skiing. Why? I finally got the thumb out of my ass and  climbed the mountain on the opposite side of the river. Okay, I didn’t climb the entire mountain, more like 1/6 of it, but that was enough for me. I just wanted one day above the trees to lay in the sun, relax & just enjoy the moment. And so I did!

Hike_Erik_Dilexit-6 Hike_Erik_Dilexit-5 Hike_Erik_Dilexit-4 Hike_Erik_Dilexit-3 Hike_Erik_Dilexit-2 Hike_Erik_DilexitOur little village & cabin seen from above!