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My 2013, December
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I wouldn’t call the end of 2013 a very exciting month. I spent the first couple of days on airplanes and airports on my way back home from Rio de Janeiro. After that I Spent most time of my time home in Hummelbo where I grew up together with my family, doing all the things that you have to do at christmas, eating a lot of food for example.. :) I also moved up to Borlänge for this winter season & started working as a ski instructor at Romme Alpin again, spent a day in Sälen together with Robin and Aron, and ended the month with a little naming ceremony for my little nephew Hampus.

December_Erik_Dilexit December_Erik_Dilexit-11 December_Erik_Dilexit-10 Hamus_Sillanpaa December_Erik_Dilexit-9 December_Erik_Dilexit-7 December_Erik_Dilexit-12 December_Erik_Dilexit-6 December_Erik_Dilexit-3 December_Erik_Dilexit-4 December_Erik_Dilexit-5 Tandadalen_Bluebirdoptics December_Erik_Dilexit-2 Last piece of 2013, a awesome year that I will remember for the rest of my life!

Have a great weekend guys! /Erik

My 2013, November
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My first thought was to finish these throwbacks before 2014, but that didn’t go very well.  So let’s continue where we left in October, Peru. When I first thought about traveling to South America there was three places I really wanted to visit, Rio de Janeiro & the Amazon in Brazil, and Machu Picchu in Peru. When I left Manaus in the end of October I had changed my travel route to go directly to Bolivia and skip Peru, but on my one week long boat trip from Manaus to Porto Velho I did a lot of reading and changed my mind once again. I really wanted to see Machu Picchu, now afterwards I’m really happy I went.

Looking back at the trip and November makes me realize this was the month when I got to see the most different places, jungles mountains, deserts, ruins, cities and more. Here’s a short version of the months pictures. Machu Picchu, Isla del Sol, La Paz, Death Road & Salar de Uyuni. The last half of this month I relaxed in Bolivia & Rio de Janeiro/Brazil, that’s why there are no photos from those places.


November_Erik_Dilexit-1 November_Erik_Dilexit-3 November_Erik_Dilexit-2 November_Erik_Dilexit-4 November_Erik_Dilexit-6 November_Erik_Dilexit-7 November_Erik_Dilexit-8 November_Erik_Dilexit-9 November_Erik_Dilexit-10 November_Erik_Dilexit-11 November_Erik_Dilexit-12 November_Erik_Dilexit-13 November_Erik_Dilexit-14 November_Erik_Dilexit-15 November_Erik_Dilexit-16 November_Erik_Dilexit-17 November_Erik_Dilexit-18 November_Erik_Dilexit-21 November_Erik_Dilexit-20 November_Erik_Dilexit-22 November_Erik_Dilexit-23 November_Erik_Dilexit-24 November_Erik_Dilexit-26 November_Erik_Dilexit-27 November_Erik_Dilexit-28 November_Erik_Dilexit-30 November_Erik_Dilexit-31 November_Erik_Dilexit-32 DCIM101GOPRO November_Erik_Dilexit-46 November_Erik_Dilexit-34 November_Erik_Dilexit-35 November_Erik_Dilexit-38 November_Erik_Dilexit-36 November_Erik_Dilexit-39 November_Erik_Dilexit-40 November_Erik_Dilexit-41 November_Erik_Dilexit-42 November_Erik_Dilexit-43 November_Erik_Dilexit-44 November_Erik_Dilexit-45

 November gets 5/5 lamas! 

Hi 2014 btw! Have a great year everyone :) Love /Erik

My 2013, October
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And the adventure continues! It’s time for october and another month in Brazil (and a couple of days in Peru). The month started in northern Brazil, more exactly Ilha de Marajo, where me and my german travel mate Till where heading deeper into the amazon by boat. Totally I spent 2 weeks onboard 3 different boats during this month. I would say the first 2 days was most fun and exiting. My ”Wheel of Time” audiobook saved me the last trip, it was supposed to take 4 days, it took 7.. (I’m never gonna complain if something is 10 minutes late again, just remember when I arrived 3 days to late.)

Short version of the entire month (if you want the long one you have to ask me) Short boat from Ilha de Marajo to Belem, 3 day boat trip to Santarem, short bus ride to the beautiful Alter do Chao, 3 day jungle tour, 7 days laying sick at the hostel, 2 more days on a boat to Manaus, 7 days of relaxing at Manuas, visiting a okay park (nothing like Inhotim in Belo Horizonte or the Botanico garden in Rio de Janeiro), another 7 days on a boat south to Porto Velho, 4 days on roads to Peru.

October_Erik_Dilexit October_Erik_Dilexit-3 October_Erik_Dilexit-4 October_Erik_Dilexit-5 October_Erik_Dilexit-6 October_Erik_Dilexit-7 October_Erik_Dilexit-8 October_Erik_Dilexit-9 October_Erik_Dilexit-10 October_Erik_Dilexit-12 October_Erik_Dilexit-11 October_Erik_Dilexit-13 October_Erik_Dilexit-14 October_Erik_Dilexit-15 October_Erik_Dilexit-16 October_Erik_Dilexit-18 October_Erik_Dilexit-17October gets 4/5 mini turtles! 

This will be the last post in 2013 since I’m working late tomorrow, so have a great new years eve everyone! Love /Erik


My 2013, September
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If earlier months has included a lot of new & exiting things, this month and the upcoming two will kick their asses. Just scrolling through the entire month I realize I’ve got to many pictures that I would like to include. First I thought about using a gallery, but it didn’t look as good. So here you go! 1,5 billion pictures! If you wonder why this month included so many photos it’s because I went to south america, and this first month I spent in Brazil. I started out in the south and Rio de Janeiro, continued north by bus to Raposos and Belo Horizonte, and then took a flight to the north and Jericoacoara.

Huge thanks to all the nice people I met on this trip, none mentioned none forgotten. 

September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-2 September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-3 September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-4 September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-5 September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-6 September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-7 September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-8 September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-9 September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-10 September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-11 September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-12 September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-13 September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-14 September_Monkey September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-15 September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-16 September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-17 September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-18 September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-19 September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-20 September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-21 September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-22 September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-23 September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-24 September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-25 September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-26 September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-27 September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-28 September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-29 September_Water_Buffalo September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-30 September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-31 September_Erik_Dilexit_Nya-32

Brazil gets 4/5 blubbing monkeys! /Erik

My 2013, April
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April offered many different kind of runs, both in Italy and back home in Sweden. One of them in Italy was one of the most thrilling runs I’ve ever done. Together with Mathias, Becky, Andy & Hiero, I put my harness on, let Andy do his thing, and then just went down to a very inaccessible heaven for skiers.

April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-2 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-3 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-4 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-5 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-6 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-7 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-8 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-9 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-10

And the obligatory beer afterwards.. (whine for me of course) We just spent a few days in Italy this month before we went back home, during these days August dad and brother were still visiting us and we got some really nice ones.

April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-11 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-12 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-13

One day August dad did one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen with my own eyes, on our way down from the mountain he mistook where to get of the slope & accidentally did the most badass front flip ever. Later when we came back to sweden I spent some days enjoying the last pieces of winter at Romme Alpin with friends & some photographing for Bluebirdoptics in Sälen.

April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-15 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-14 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-16 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-20 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-19 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-22 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-21

And when I didn’t stand on my skis I chilled home in Hummelbo or played with my little niece.

April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-26 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-23 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-25 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-24 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-27 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-29 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-28

Some pics from my April, next up May! Have a great sunday night guys! /Erik

My 2013, March
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If February was a good skiing month, I believe March was even better. We did get some new snow now and then, but never as much as we got in the end of February, I think the biggest reason this month was even better is because were starting to feel like home. We had our little place just outside Alagna, we knew the place and the mountain much better than when we did 1 month earlier, and personally my skiing had developed a lot. On the picture above you can see the way to Balma, the most classic run in Alagna, a traverse we took many times this month.

Mars_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-8 Mars_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-2 Mars_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-3 Mars_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-4 Mars_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-5 Mars_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-6 Mars_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-9 Mars_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-7 Mars_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-10 Mars_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-12 Mars_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-13

Another thing with March was all the fantastic people we had around us. We meet a lot of nice people here and there to ski with, unfortunately I don’t have photos of everyone, but a few. August father and brother came down visiting us, which was awesome, and of course Mattias who had spent many seasons down in Alagna, and who showed us around to some fantastic runs we had never been to before.

Mars_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-15 Mars_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-16 Mars_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-17 Mars_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-19 Mars_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-20 Mars_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-18 Mars_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-21 Mars_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-22

Looking at all the photos from March make me miss Italy a lot, hope I will have time and money to do something similar again sometime. 2013 have been a awesome year and I think March was one of the best month, therefore I give March 2 big thumbs up!


Have a great saturday people! /Erik

My 2013!
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The end of 2013 is soon here, so I thought it would be fun with a summary of the year, and I thought a good way to do that would be by taking one month at a time and post, therefore we will start with October!.. or maybe January.


I’m so happy a couple of photo colleaguesintroduced me to the software Lightroom. It’s not just a great way to edit your pictures it also make the handling and storing of all my images so easy. I just need to highlight the dates in January, select and filter out the pictures I want in this post, export all of them in the resolution I want and voila!

As you can see I don’t have that many folders/days in January, it’s because the external drive I stored most my pictures on died later in January and I lost quite a bunch.. :/ Luckily I had a extra backup for all my photos taken on the summer of 2012 and before, but still.. sucks when it happens. That’s why I always have all my favorite pictures on 2 places all the time nowadays and do weekly backups (right now I might have forgotten where I’ve hidden my external drive..)


January was quite a special month for me. Together with these 3 guys (August, Robin & Martina) I went down to Italy for a few month, skiing and photographing. It was a quite big project where we were supposed to promote Robins new google brand Bluebirdoptics with movies and photos, everything on (the site is down now), I also photographed for the ski resort Monterosa Ski.


Just looking at this car says how much we went all in.. From the beginning it was white, after me and Robin went nuts with the spray can it looked like this (It doesn’t look as badass today without the stickers, need to do something about that. Suggestions?). We started a early morning from Falun and took this beauty all the way to our destination, Italy. Many doubted we would make it down, but we did (and as I wrote in a earlier post it just made it through the car inspection).

If you want to know how we did it, just have a look at these two of our high quality snow surfers movie production episodes, just press play! If you do press play, don’t speak swedish and start to think you’re mentally ill because you don’t understand anything you most likely aren’t, it’s probably because we just talk swedish.

Note: We were in Austria.. My bad August


Even though we didn’t have tons of snow we had a great month with new places to go to all the time, enjoy!

January_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-3 January_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-2 January_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-5 January_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-6 January_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-7 January_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-13 January_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-14 January_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-10 January_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-1 January_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-12 January_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-11 January_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-4 January_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-16 January_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-15

A few pics from my January and my awesome friends.


Starting to think I’m getting old, my external hard drive is gone and so is this red cap.. 

Next up February!  

Gnite /Erik

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Home sweet home
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Traveling is soo much fun, but coming home after a long trip is something special. I’ve been home for almost a week now and the trip already feels like it was ages ago. I haven’t met my entire family yet because a couple of them live so far away, but I’ll see them for christmas at least. So far I’ve just chilled and relaxed, and will do so for a week more before I’ll start as a ski instructor again up at Romme Alpin. I’ve also been spending to much time in front of the computer, eating homemade delicious food, visiting my little niece and nephew, taken the snowmobile for a test run, baked toffee, ate the toffee etc etc..

Home_Sweet_Home-3 Home_Sweet_Home Home_Sweet_Home-2 Home_Sweet_Home-4 Home_Sweet_Home-5 Home_Sweet_Home-10 Home_Sweet_Home-9 Home_Sweet_Home-7 Home_Sweet_Home-8 Home_Sweet_Home-6

Oh! Almost forgot, I had a little giveaway together with from last week. Congratulations to Jesper who was drawn out the hat!

Have a great evening everyone! :) /Erik