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on juni 27  by Erik Dilexit  has No Comment


Sakta men säkert börjar även denna minisemester gå mot sitt slut. Jag har haft en riktigt go vecka och midsommar tillsammans med miniterroristerna ovanför och resten av la familia, lekt lekar, spelat spel, tittat en hel del VM, fiskat, kluvit ved, lekt skogshuggare osv. I morgon ska jag avsluta veckan med att fotografera ett bröllop,  jag hoppas innerligen att vi får lite uppehåll. För vad i hela h*lvetet hände med min sommar..?!

I förrgår fick i alla fall jag och turbo en härlig kvällspromenad, men annars måste jag säga att solen obokstavligen lyst med sin frånvaro. 

Sommar_Dalarna_Hund_Turbo-5 Sommar_Dalarna_Hund_Turbo-3Sommar_Dalarna_Hund_Turbo-2Sommar_Dalarna_Hund_Turbo-1Om det finns någon där ute som kan konsten att göra en soldans, pls do your thing!

Emils Baptism
on februari 4  by Erik Dilexit  has 2 Comments

Hei håper dere alle! Thought it would be time to upload a few pix from my weekend in Oslo and my nephew Emils baptism. I had some great days together with the most awesome families there is, my own (Sjöström, Sillanpää, Gustavsson & Dilexit), the Joelsson’s & of course the Hummelbo’s. I didn’t do a ”full photo shot” because I wanted to enjoy & soak in the baptism fully, but since I brought my gear I couldn’t help myself takin a few.. 

Emil_Dop_Low-2 Emil_Dop_Low Emil_Dop_Low-3

From the left: aunt Cecilia, aunt Moa, Emil, priest & uncle Simon, papa Jesper & mommy Hanna.

Emil_Dop_Low-4 Emil_Dop_Low-8 Emil_Dop_Low-5Emil_Dop_Low-1 Emil_Dop_Low-6 Emil_Dop_Low-7

Look out! When this little man & my other nephew Hampus grows up there will be a lot of mischiefs, I’ll ensure that ;)

Take care! /Love Erik



on februari 1  by Erik Dilexit  has No Comment

Snow snow snow… Someone more than me who love this white, cold little fucker? Got a few days off from work to visit my brother Jesper and his wife Hanna over in Oslo since they are having a baptism for their little Emil. But first I had to go home to get a few things, and play a little..

Hummelbo_Snowmobile-6Driving a snowmobile can be among the most funny things you can do.. I don’t visit ”home” that often so I took the opportunity to take a small ride yesterday. A little more snow wouldn’t hurt so you could go deeper into the forest.

Hummelbo_Snowmobile Hummelbo_Snowmobile-3This little dude may have one of the most luxury doggy houses I’ve ever seen.. (it’s not completed yet though)

Hummelbo_Snowmobile-4 Hummelbo_Snowmobile-5

Take care everyone! Me, Magnus and Mathilda are gonna take a walk from the hotell and join the others over at the church! Ciao.

Bluebird in Romme
on januari 24  by Erik Dilexit  has No Comment

Since I’m working as a ski-instructor during the winter I seldom have the time (or I’m to tired) to use my dear camera. But yesterday and hopefully many more days this winter I got one of those perfect days, combining the things I love the most, photographing and skiing. All this together with these awesome guys!

Friends_Romme_1 Friends_RommeI spent the morning photographing a few hours for Romme Alpin, continued a short while for BluebirdOptics and ended the day just enjoying myself on the skis without the camera. But I started down at the children’s area with a group of cuties. (not that the guys above ain’t cute.. ;) )

Romme_23_Jan Romme_23_Jan-2 Romme_23_Jan-3 Romme_23_Jan-16Romme_23_Jan-21 Romme_23_Jan-5 Romme_23_Jan-11 Romme_23_Jan-12 Romme_23_Jan-8 Romme_23_Jan-7 Romme_23_Jan-15 Romme_23_Jan-14 Romme_23_Jan-13 Romme_23_Jan-19 Romme_23_Jan-20 Romme_23_Jan-10 Romme_23_Jan-9 Romme_23_Jan-4 Romme_23_Jan-17 Romme_23_Jan-6Romme_23_Jan-23

If you get a day or two off I suggest you spend it here. if you don’t know how to ski I know a great guy.. ;)

Take care and see you in the snow! Love/Erik

on januari 16  by Erik Dilexit  has No Comment

..completed. Almost. Kind of. Not rly..

But at least this course is done, wasn’t to hard (piece a kaka). Looking forward to work 3 days now and then I finally get a few days off!


Take care! /Erik

on januari 12  by Erik Dilexit  has 1 Comment

Right now there is a lot of information I’m trying to squeeze into my head. During the days I’m in the slopes or behind a desk learning more about skiing, when I get home I continue with my course in digital image processing. But I don’t believe I could find anything more fun & interesting to study right now.


This is how my desk looks right now, I’ve placed my laptop #2 behind the macbook and acquired one extra monitor to my macbook. Great setup to view the course videos on the laptop behind while editing the pictures with my macbook (using the extra monitor for all the photoshop windows).

on januari 11  by Erik Dilexit  has No Comment

Finally it’s here, our winter! It sure took some time for it to come.. It’s so much nicer walking around with this cold, white wonderful thing on the ground. Right now I’m having a one week break from work for some skiing education, we’ve had 2 days so far, and it’s so much fun. Looking forward for the next few days and the rest of this winter!

Romme_Alpin_SnoTook this one 2 years ago from the top of Romme

Take care and enjoy the snow! /Erik


Back on track
on januari 7  by Erik Dilexit  has 1 Comment

In the beginning I thought accounting was kind of fun and interesting. I must have been mad.. I still like it in some ways, I like knowing where every penny is going for example, but I don’t like spending hours and hours doing boring paperwork. But just like training it feels really good when you’re all done!

fishheeesss-2 fishheeesss-3 fishheeesssLatest family members in the house, fiiiiishes! 

Time to hit the bed, another day on the skis tomorrow (and the upcoming 2 weeks or something), take care! /Erik