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My 2013, November
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My first thought was to finish these throwbacks before 2014, but that didn’t go very well.  So let’s continue where we left in October, Peru. When I first thought about traveling to South America there was three places I really wanted to visit, Rio de Janeiro & the Amazon in Brazil, and Machu Picchu in Peru. When I left Manaus in the end of October I had changed my travel route to go directly to Bolivia and skip Peru, but on my one week long boat trip from Manaus to Porto Velho I did a lot of reading and changed my mind once again. I really wanted to see Machu Picchu, now afterwards I’m really happy I went.

Looking back at the trip and November makes me realize this was the month when I got to see the most different places, jungles mountains, deserts, ruins, cities and more. Here’s a short version of the months pictures. Machu Picchu, Isla del Sol, La Paz, Death Road & Salar de Uyuni. The last half of this month I relaxed in Bolivia & Rio de Janeiro/Brazil, that’s why there are no photos from those places.


November_Erik_Dilexit-1 November_Erik_Dilexit-3 November_Erik_Dilexit-2 November_Erik_Dilexit-4 November_Erik_Dilexit-6 November_Erik_Dilexit-7 November_Erik_Dilexit-8 November_Erik_Dilexit-9 November_Erik_Dilexit-10 November_Erik_Dilexit-11 November_Erik_Dilexit-12 November_Erik_Dilexit-13 November_Erik_Dilexit-14 November_Erik_Dilexit-15 November_Erik_Dilexit-16 November_Erik_Dilexit-17 November_Erik_Dilexit-18 November_Erik_Dilexit-21 November_Erik_Dilexit-20 November_Erik_Dilexit-22 November_Erik_Dilexit-23 November_Erik_Dilexit-24 November_Erik_Dilexit-26 November_Erik_Dilexit-27 November_Erik_Dilexit-28 November_Erik_Dilexit-30 November_Erik_Dilexit-31 November_Erik_Dilexit-32 DCIM101GOPRO November_Erik_Dilexit-46 November_Erik_Dilexit-34 November_Erik_Dilexit-35 November_Erik_Dilexit-38 November_Erik_Dilexit-36 November_Erik_Dilexit-39 November_Erik_Dilexit-40 November_Erik_Dilexit-41 November_Erik_Dilexit-42 November_Erik_Dilexit-43 November_Erik_Dilexit-44 November_Erik_Dilexit-45

 November gets 5/5 lamas! 

Hi 2014 btw! Have a great year everyone :) Love /Erik

Machu Picchu
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The day had finally come! Yesterdays happy mode was still on, unfortunately the weather wasn’t. It had been raining almost the entire night and when I woke up rain was hanging in the air. The alarm rang at 04.30 because I wanted to be there when they opened at 06.00, and after a 25 min bus ride I was finally there. (Yes, I was lazy and took the bus this day).


Just as I went through the main gate the rain started falling, luckily I’m a genius and had brought my umbrella. But the rain wasn’t that bad actually, the fog was. Sometimes you could barely see anything, so I started my visit by walking to the inca bridge which lies a few hundred meters away from the main ruins.


Machu_Picchu_Peru-4 Machu_Picchu_Peru-5 Machu_Picchu_Peru-9 Machu_Picchu_Peru-6

Now and then the fog cleared up and you could see where you didn’t want to fall down.. Walking on these paths made me wonder how they did it, just look at the bridge bellow.


When I came back to the main ruins the weather had cleared up and it had stopped raining, making it possible to see almost the entire ruin. 

Machu_Picchu_Peru-16 Machu_Picchu_Peru-17 Machu_Picchu_Peru-15 Machu_Picchu_Peru-20 Machu_Picchu_Peru-19 Machu_Picchu_Peru-18 Machu_Picchu_Peru-21 Machu_Picchu_Peru-13 Machu_Picchu_Peru-14 Machu_Picchu_Peru-22

Pretty awesome place huh? After a couple of hours walking around in the ruins I decided to walk up the Montana Picchu, the bigger mountain lying next to the ruins, on the opposite site from the more famous Wayna Picchu.

Machu_Picchu_Peru-24So I started walking..


..and I kept walking.. 


Because of the fog/clouds I had no idea how far I actually had to walk. Wrongheaded as I am, I decided not rest even once before I had reached the top.


After 1 hour of constant walking I finally made it, passing around 15-20 half dead people on the way up, and 4-5 disappointed ones walking down because they couldn’t see anything from the top. With the hopes that the fog/clouds would disappear I died on the spot and waited.

Machu_Picchu_Peru-29 Machu_Picchu_Peru-28

After 30 minutes my waiting finally paid off and you could get a glimpse of the things bellow.


As the minutes passed by the clouds disappeared and you could finally see the entire site bellow, If my stomach wouldn’t have screamed for food I think I could have stayed here the entire day.


It’s a miracle that I survived the way down as the walk up had totally killed my legs.


This place i definitely one of the coolest places I’ve ever visited, unfortunately it’s hard to mediate a feeling, but I can tell you this. Machu Picchu is magical!


Upcoming posts: The worlds largest high-altitude lake, Worlds most dangerous road & retarded pictures etc..

Ciao! /Erik

The budget way to paradise
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Hydroelectrical_to_Aguas_CalientesOne of the things I really wanted to do on my trip to South America was to visit Machu Picchu, but everytime I talked about it there was someone telling me how expensive it was etc. As the weeks flew by in Brazil so did my money, and when it was time to leave Brazil I realized that my budget wouldn’t survive a expensive trip to Machu Pichu (in Peru). So I decided to go to Bolivia instead just because of that.

After some research on my 7 days boat trip on the amazon I realized that all those persons was wrong, very wrong. Some even claimed that you had to book a trek weeks/months in advance. Okay, that might be the case if you want to walk the original inca trail, but I really didn’t need that, I just wanted to visit the ruins, nothing more. During the high season you might want to keep an extra eye on their website since they only accept 2500 visitors/day. When I arrived to the last stop Aguas Calientes (the town bellow the Machu Picchu ruins) there was a few hundred tickets left on the same day.

In this post I thought I would give you some pics from the last part of this budget trip to Machu Picchu. As most other people I started in the beautiful tourist town of Cuzco. From there I bought a ticket (25 solves) to Quillabamba but didn’t go the entire way, instead I got of at Santa Maria, and from there I caught  a local combi to Santa Teresa (you can go all the way to the hydroelectrical train station 8km from Santa Teresa), price around 15 solves all way. Either you’ve bought tickets in advance from the Hydroelectrical station to Aguas Calientes for 18 dollars one way or 30 dollars two way. Or you do as me and many others, walk the 13 km next to the railway in one of the most beautiful environments in the world, it only takes a few hours including a couple of stops.

Hydroelectrical_to_Aguas_Calientes-2 Hydroelectrical_to_Aguas_Calientes-3 Hydroelectrical_to_Aguas_Calientes-4My lunch spot!

Hydroelectrical_to_Aguas_Calientes-5 Hydroelectrical_to_Aguas_Calientes-7 Hydroelectrical_to_Aguas_Calientes-8 Hydroelectrical_to_Aguas_Calientes-9 Hydroelectrical_to_Aguas_Calientes-12 Hydroelectrical_to_Aguas_Calientes-11

It’s quite funny knowing that you literarily are walking those 13 km around the mountain which Machu Picchu lies on, and if you just lift your head a little you could see some of the ruins. In the picture above I only had a few kilometers left to Aguas Calientes.

Hydroelectrical_to_Aguas_Calientes-10Finally there I found a cheapest place so far during my 2 months for 20 solves/night, so your trip to Machu Picchu could be quite cheap. The most expensive thing is the entrance fee of 250 solves and all the souvenirs you want to buy..

Next post, Machu Picchu. One of the coolest places I’ve ever visited.

Ciao! /Erik