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My 2013, April
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April offered many different kind of runs, both in Italy and back home in Sweden. One of them in Italy was one of the most thrilling runs I’ve ever done. Together with Mathias, Becky, Andy & Hiero, I put my harness on, let Andy do his thing, and then just went down to a very inaccessible heaven for skiers.

April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-2 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-3 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-4 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-5 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-6 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-7 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-8 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-9 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-10

And the obligatory beer afterwards.. (whine for me of course) We just spent a few days in Italy this month before we went back home, during these days August dad and brother were still visiting us and we got some really nice ones.

April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-11 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-12 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-13

One day August dad did one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen with my own eyes, on our way down from the mountain he mistook where to get of the slope & accidentally did the most badass front flip ever. Later when we came back to sweden I spent some days enjoying the last pieces of winter at Romme Alpin with friends & some photographing for Bluebirdoptics in Sälen.

April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-15 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-14 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-16 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-20 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-19 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-22 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-21

And when I didn’t stand on my skis I chilled home in Hummelbo or played with my little niece.

April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-26 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-23 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-25 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-24 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-27 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-29 April_Erik_Dilexit_Italy-28

Some pics from my April, next up May! Have a great sunday night guys! /Erik

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Have had a couple of  really nice days home in Hummelbo, one of my absolute favorite places, probably #1. Haven’t done so much, just trying to ease off everything. Been jumping around between friends and family all the time since I got back from Italy.

Yesterday I had one of those wonderful walks you can just get a day in the spring. All alone with the camera and some awesome music in your head, perfect way to clear your mind and to try new compositions and angles since the photos are only for yourself. This time I only brought my Nikkor 70-200, just in case I would run into any animal, and because I simply love it.

Spring_Hummelbo_Erik_Dilexit Spring_Hummelbo_Erik_Dilexit-2 Spring_Hummelbo_Erik_Dilexit-5 Spring_Hummelbo_Erik_Dilexit-10 Spring_Hummelbo_Erik_Dilexit-4 Spring_Hummelbo_Erik_Dilexit-3 Spring_Hummelbo_Erik_Dilexit-7 Spring_Hummelbo_Erik_Dilexit-12 Spring_Hummelbo_Erik_Dilexit-13