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The worlds largest high-altitude lake
on november 22  by Erik Dilexit  has No Comment

After visiting a breathtaking place like Machu Picchu I didn’t think I would see anything near as cool in a long time. I was wrong, over and over again. 

When I crossed the border from Brazil my plan was clear, I would just go to Machu Picchu and then head for Bolivia. Luckily on my last bus trip from Machu Picchu to Cuszo, I ran into a bunch of nice danish people & one australian, and it just happened that 2 of them, Sarah & Tom also was heading for Peru. So after a one day stop in Cuzco we jumped on a bus heading for Copacabana, on the other side of the Peru/Bolivia border.


The town of Copacaban wasn’t much to cheer about, most people probably don’t stay long before heading towards Peru, La Paz(Bolivia) or Isla del Sol, the last mentioned was our first stop. But first we had to wait a couple of hours in Copacabana to catch a boat, just enough time to grab a pizza and a coffee/tea.

Lake_Titicaca_Isla_del_SolLake_Titicaca_Isla_del_Sol-3 Lake_Titicaca_Isla_del_Sol-4
Tom & Sarah


It’s quite cool knowing that this big lake, that looks like a ocean actually lies 3808 meters above the sea. Isla del Sol that we went to is possibly the most popular place to visit at Lake Titicaca, and if you want, you can walk around the entire Isla del Sol in one day, but because we arrived quite late and we all had a tight schedule, (meaning we had to leave early the next day) we decided just to take a shorter walk.

Lake_Titicaca_Isla_del_Sol-7 Lake_Titicaca_Isla_del_Sol-8 Lake_Titicaca_Isla_del_Sol-9 Lake_Titicaca_Isla_del_Sol-10 Lake_Titicaca_Isla_del_Sol-11 Lake_Titicaca_Isla_del_Sol-18 Lake_Titicaca_Isla_del_Sol-19 Lake_Titicaca_Isla_del_Sol-20 Lake_Titicaca_Isla_del_Sol-12 Lake_Titicaca_Isla_del_Sol-13 Lake_Titicaca_Isla_del_Sol-14 Lake_Titicaca_Isla_del_Sol-15 Lake_Titicaca_Isla_del_Sol-16 Lake_Titicaca_Isla_del_Sol-17

I just loved the donkeys! They don’t just look funny, they sound sooooo funny, and you could hear them all the time on the island.

As I mentioned earlier we where in quite a rush, so we left the next day for our next stop, La Paz. And since I don’t have so many pictures from that day I thought I might squeeze them into the same post..

Lake_Titicaca_La_Paz Lake_Titicaca_La_Paz-2

After a long nice breakfast & the thickest pancakes I’ve ever eaten we left the Island around 10 am together with bunch of tourist and a few locals.

Lake_Titicaca_La_Paz-3 Lake_Titicaca_La_Paz-4

When visiting tourist places like this, you always run into the same people all the time. For example, on this boat was 2 guys I took a tour together with 4 days later.


The drive from Copacabana to La Paz is quite breathtaking, and just like a little boy getting his first transformer (or barbie) on christmas I always shine up with a big smile when I see a big mountain or snow. I am so looking forward coming home to sweden in 2 weeks (and hopefully lots of snow).

Thats all for today. Next up, a short one from La Paz.

Take care! /Erik